Useful Information

Valladolid is situated 200 km in the northwest of Madrid. The centrically situation in Castilla y León makes it easy to access Valladolid from other provinces and communities nearby.

By train
With the new trains of high speed (AVE) it is possible to arrive from Madrid to Valladolid in 1 hour.
To check timetables, prices and trains departing from other cities, have a look on the website form the national train company, Renfe:
By car
From Madrid via the highway A6 it takes 2 hours to arrive to Valladolid.
From other provinces such as Segovia, León or Burgos it takes around an hour or from Palencia 30 minutes.

By bus
Bus companies such as Alsa or Linecar drive to Valladolid.

By plane
The airport of Valladolid is in Villanubla. Flying there is a good option for inhabitants of the Canary Islands or Catalonia. The airport is very small and it only has one Terminal.