Valladolid has an interesting historic part of town. Churches, parks and museums are worth visiting while in Valladolid



One of the things all the travelers remember after visiting Valladolid is the good food for a very economic price. The typical main dish is lechazo (grilled lamb) and it can be found in the majority of the restaurants of the city. Furthermore the fantastic cheeses and sweet things should not be forgotten.

Valladolid really sticks out when it comes to their wines. Without a doubt, it is the province with the completest selection of wines in Spain. It has three denomination of leading origin: Ribera del Duero with their red wines, Rueda with their white wines and Cigales with their rose wines, as well called claret. Valladolid has one of the best offers of wine routes of Spain.

Furthermore Valladolid is a one of the cities which has most influenced the tapas in Spain. In the city multiple zones and bars can be found to try out and enjoy tapas or raciones (half a main dish). There they offer from traditional tapas to newer creations


Useful to know is that the days to go out in Valladolid are mostly Friday and Saturday. However Thursday is neither a bad option because this is the favorite day to go out of the exchange students. The nights out in Valladolid are normally longer than in other cities.